Kingdom Relationship Specialist and Author

As a Kingdom Relationship Specialist, I empower women to become Kingdom Wives PER God’s way by

1. Positioning yourself based on the word of God,

2. Equipping yourself with the word of God, and

3. Renewing your mind by the word of God.

As an Author, I share my personal experience with depression and suicide attempts in order to help others overcome the emotional challenge of giving up.

The Founder.

Consuella is a woman who endured the storm of many challenges in her marriage and now she depends on God for peace while in the midst. She understands how to position herself properly using the equipment God provided by renewing her mind from the world’s view to God’s view.

The Author

Consuella experienced depression a lot, which lead to suicide attempts. She talks about her experience in her book, Suicide is not an Option. Unknowingly being broken lead to many bad decisions in life including marriage.

The Mentor

Consuella is offering her services to woman who are enduring the same challenges in marriage. Her desire is to help wives in challenging marriage build strength from the emotional weights that’s holding them down. Stand strong in their position as a wife. Manifest the queen within to enjoy the kingdom marriage they deserve.