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Do you feel like your marriage has reach a point of no return?

As a wife, Consuella endured many challenges in her marriage. When she reached the point of giving up, she cried out to God for guidance.

  • Do you find yourself crying out often to God only to feel like He’s not answering?

Well, for Consuella it was in that heart felt cry, Holy Spirit began giving her strategy on how to hold on. Now Consuella wants to share that strategy with you.

Understanding that she entered into marriage broken, she had to allow God to heal her brokenness. Not only that, but due to her brokenness she entered into marriage with a man that doesn’t share the same convictions of God.

  • Have you entered into a marriage during your brokenness?

  • How has that brokenness affected your marriage?

  • Have you allowed God to heal your brokenness?

Consuella has allowed God to begin the healing process in her. Now that God has reveal to Consuella what needs to be done to experience peace, she’s ready to help you experience that same peace.

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