Consuella M Gray

A wife, mother, survivor, and prayer warrior.

Consuella experienced a lot of traumatic and stressful encounters both in childhood and adulthood that left her broken and even brought her to a dark place of being suicidal. Those encounters kept her captive by depression. In many depressed moment, Consuella found herself making many bad decision, especially in relationships. Not once, but twice her relational decision resulted in marriage. Entering into marriage while broken has lead to many sleepless nights, negative thoughts, and out of control emotions. She gave up on her first marriage because the challenges were too much for her. She lacked wisdom and knowledge of God which lead her to seek and proceed to getting a divorce.

Consuella also faced many challenges in her current marriage. Many dark moments caused Consuella to give up hope in being happy in her marriage. She considered divorce and even death as a way out. Thankfully her new found faith in God, determination to live, and hope for her marriage ignited her to find the revelation of freedom and empowered her to push beyond the pain of her past. She decided to become knowledgable and wise about who God is in her life before making a decision to give up on her second marriage. Her new found freedom inspired her to want to see others walk in that same liberation.

Consuella has a determination and drive to help as many wives as possible to overcome depression and challenges in marriages. By positioning wives properly as a God designed wife based on the word of God. Equipping wives with eye-opening divine revelation & empowerment from the word of God. And renewing their minds and perspective of marriage by the word of God. Consuella seeks to help others take back their authority over their life, their situation, and their marriage by showing them how to gain control of their destiny in the spiritual realm.

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